$110K Career Reboot? Which Tech Apprenticeship Pays the Most

January 21, 2023

$110K Career Reboot? Which Tech Apprenticeship Pays the Most
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Is this the highest paying tech apprenticeship? It's the highest I've seen that's for sure! 

In this episode, I go over; 

  • How to flip a coding bootcamp experience that didn't deliver a tech job into a second shot for greatness. 🍾🍷 
  • Show what to emphasize in the application for a better shot at getting into round 2 of the selection process. 

Also, by the end of this breakdown, I'll show you how to prepare for the hackathon. 😕 Yes there's a hackathon!

0:00 Intro
0:30 The apprenticeship details AND APPLICATION DEADLINE
1:52 Remote vs hybrid?
2:47 Show them that you’re a superstar
3:23 Address your professional narrative
4:24 Chat GPT for the win (plus application tips)
7:11 Values and questions (interview tips)
10:14 Final stage

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