$90K and Remote? So, What DOES An Information Security Analyst Do?

April 08, 2023

$90K and Remote? So, What DOES An Information Security Analyst Do?
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0:00 What is information security?
3:50 Was the January 6th attack on the capitol a secret CYBER ATTACK?
8:53 What does an Information Security analyst do?
20:57 Network monitoring in Information Security: An example for job seekers
26:51 Collaborating for security: A real-life example of teamwork within an organization
33:37 What certifications can help you land an information security analyst job and a specific example of good cybersecurity job opportunity with a company that believes in diversity.
50:10 A tricky cybersecurity interview question (and how to answer it)

In this video, John and Renita dive deep into the role of an Information Security Analyst. They'll provide insights into the responsibilities of the job, the core skills you need to succeed in the role, and the certifications that will help you stand out in the job market.

They'll also discuss who's currently hiring for remote Information Security Analyst positions and what kind of pay you can expect in this exciting field.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this discussion is sure to provide valuable information for anyone interested in pursuing a career in information security. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging conversation.

Error Note at the 34:18 mark. Instead of “White House”, I meant the “capitol”.

Background Info:

Renita Rhodes is a Lead Audit Manager-Information and Cyber Security for a well-known worldwide bank, supporting the coverage of the bank’s core Cybersecurity controls.

She supports coverage in areas such as

- Cyber Threat Fusion Center,
- Data Loss Protection,
- Security Information and Event Management,
- Cryptographic Services, and
- Network Security Management.

Renita also works as a Cybersecurity and Information Systems Adjunct Professor at Maryville University and Harris Stowe State University, teaching the; Cyber Law, Policy and Compliance, Security Information and Event Management, Introduction to Information Security, Applied Programming - Python and Systems Analysis and Design courses.

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