Crack.GPT: The Chatbot Epidemic

January 01, 2023

Crack.GPT: The Chatbot Epidemic
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If you haven’t listened to this show before, well let me warn you. Things are a little bit different around here.  

This free access to Chat.GPT reminds me of how drug dealers with a new product love 2 give a little away for free. They leverage this simple principle to great advantage. The free samples they add to the initial sale of their regular products get you hooked to their new product. 

Once you’re hooked, of course, the dealer is in a position to raise the price when demand increases.

As far as this episode goes, Is there a dark-side to the Chat.GPT/AI chatbot 

While these tools have the potential to greatly increase productivity and
efficiency, is it possible that some users have become so addicted to the idea of being so productive, they end up being counter-productive?

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