$48 Per Hour AND Remote?: How to Get Accepted into a Tech Apprenticeship

December 10, 2022

$48 Per Hour AND Remote?: How to Get Accepted into a Tech Apprenticeship
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Since word has gotten out that companies are willing to pay people while they learn on the job, more people breaking into tech are ditching bootcamps for tech apprenticeships.

Don’t forget, as of right now we’re going through a large number of tech layoffs. 

When people get laid off, they sometimes switch careers. Switching careers means going "back to school".  Since these tech apprenticeships are giving people a chance to earn while they learn, guest what type of "school" everyone will be trying to get accepted into? 

With more people competing for the limited spots available in these tech apprenticeships, how are you going to compete?

In this episode, I’ll break down a 5 part gameplan designed to increase your odds of getting accepted into one of these high-paying apprenticeships. 

Also, by the end of this breakdown, you’ll know about a couple of high paying tech apprenticeships willing to pay at up-to $96,000  in salary while you learn on the job.  

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