Landing Your First Tech Job

July 04, 2022

Landing Your First Tech Job
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In this episode, Taylor V and I review her questions about landing her first tech job. Specifically, I will go over the different types of companies to apply to, building your portfolio of knowledge, and how to generate confidence in yourself while building your value. The goal is to “Make Them Say Yes”.


  • 01:00   Can you thrive in chaos?
  • 04:00   How to deal with the “no experience” problem?
  • 06:30   A web developer portfolio example.
  • 07:40   A Cybersecurity portfolio example.
  • 09:10   The 3 main entry-level IT certifications that employers respect.
  • 09:45   What to research before the interview.
  • 10:20   How to deal with being nervous during an interview and gain confidence.


During 2020, in the beginning of the pandemic Taylor redirected her focus to technology. Her journey since then has included a deep-dive in Azure technology complemented with a focus in the CompTIA Security+. She is interested in joining an organization where she can grow her technology skills while positively impacting the operations and culture of the enterprise.


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